Dude Forced Girlfriend’s 4-Year-Old to Eat His Own Vomit

by CrazyCracker on June 11, 2010


​Meet Michael Garris, the biggest piece of shit we’ve seen in a long, long time. The 29-year-old was babysitting his girlfriend’s 4-year-old son in Vincennes, Indiana. He decided to make the boy some food, but the kid didn’t want it…

Anyone who’s ever been around children knows this happens all the time. You’re only option is to think of a plan — or maybe four — in hopes of outsmarting them and getting them to eat.

Michael Garris, on the other hand, is a dimwitted shitbag. He forced the child to eat. But the boy threw up. So Garris then forced the kid to eat his own vomit. He also spanked the boy hard enough to cause bruises on his butt.

(Breaking News Bulletin: St. Peter is now polishing his biggest baseball bats, preparing for the day Michael Garris shows up.)

After the boy’s father picked him up, he noticed the bruises and called police.

Garris is now in jail awaiting charges. And karma is bouncing back. If you’ll notice his booking photo above, he looks like he’s about to start bawling.

True Crime Report

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