Picture Humor Extravaganza

by CrazyCracker on June 21, 2010

These are typically the kind of pictures most sites would post individually and make you click through the site a whole bunch to see them all. We’re here to make things easier on you, so they are all on this one single page for your enjoyment. Don’t say we never did anything for you.


Men and women

nananananananna BATCAN!

Damn, those things are annoying!

Now THIS is a nail gun…

It all makes sense now.


How to look your best.

Church message boards are great.

Nah nah na na nah nahhhhhh

Why do people think kids like clowns?

Cosplay…you’re doing it wrong.

Badass dude trumps Chuck Norris.

…because safety is the most important factor.

Internet trolls: They have to eat somewhere.

Why that new thumbdrive was so cheap…

Your liver is evil.

Innovative baby products.

Losing your virginity…nothing will stop you.

What a whore.

When you name your band, you may want to put more thought into than these guys did.

Maybe being homeless isn’t all that bad.


What’s better than bacon?

McD’s is more unhealthy than once thought…

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