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by CrazyCracker on April 14, 2010

Steven (DeathWish808) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Patrick (CrackerPat)

Help, I can’t get my greasemonkey script to work…

(4:02:36 PM) Steven: try it on that
(4:02:38 PM) Steven: worked for me
(4:03:12 PM) Patrick: All lite green
(4:03:19 PM) Steven: You broke it
(4:03:22 PM) Steven: lol
(4:05:04 PM) Patrick: Trying to fix it
(4:05:12 PM) Patrick: I opened the monkeys ass
(4:05:16 PM) Patrick: What now?
(4:05:25 PM) Steven: Insert banana
(4:05:44 PM) Steven: Did you restart browser?
(4:05:49 PM) Patrick: Yes
(4:06:19 PM) Patrick: Do I move shit from the right to the left side?
(4:07:11 PM) Steven: on the right you should have….


(4:08:08 PM) Patrick: I shut it down
(4:23:50 PM) Patrick: FUCK
(4:23:55 PM) Patrick: Still all green
(4:25:24 PM) Steven: Hold down Ctrl-Alt-Shift then press space-R-8-Tab
(4:25:44 PM) Patrick: What will that do?
(4:25:51 PM) Patrick: Rick roll myself?
(4:25:54 PM) Steven: It’ll fix it
(4:25:55 PM) Steven: lol
(4:26:57 PM) Patrick: r-8 Tab

(4:27:11 PM) Patrick: Do I push it all at once?
(4:27:15 PM) Steven: Yeah
(4:27:23 PM) Patrick: Fuck I hate being so fucking stupid
(4:27:43 PM) Steven: Did it work?
(4:29:19 PM) Patrick: Where the fuck is the tab button?
(4:29:33 PM) Patrick: nm
(4:29:37 PM) Patrick: found it
(4:29:38 PM) Steven: Above the Cap-lock button
(4:29:51 PM) Patrick: Hold down Ctrl-Alt-Shift then press space-R-8-Tab
(4:30:26 PM) Steven: Yeah, then within 3 seconds after that press Alt-F4
(4:31:18 PM) Steven: Did Firefox do anything?
(4:32:15 PM) Steven: LMAO… Was that the first time you’ve played Keyboard Twister?
(4:32:36 PM) Steven: Dude, I’m fucking dying over here…HAHHAHAHAHAHHAA
(4:32:51 PM) Patrick: Jaime wants to know why I just kicked the fucking cat
(4:33:03 PM) Steven: ROFLMAO

Damn it, Pat, I was going to submit that….

Steve says: Dude, what did you think of that video?
Steve says: You there?
Steve says: You fucking taking another dump?
Patrick says: Back
Steve says: Think that video has a chance to Pop?
Patrick says: It might, I already have 22 diggs on it and it's only been on
for like 8 minutes
Patrick says: Sure thing, sure fired Bet this one will go Pop.
Steve says: You dumb fat dick hole! You really are a dumb fucking toolbag
you know that?
Patrick says: What? Why?
Steve says: I was gonna submit that to Digg.
Patrick says: My bad
Steve says: "My bad" he says
Steve says: No one blamed me shit for brains
Patrick says: Failure for you, to keep in mind, That I am pretty fucking
stupid, keeps me free of guilt.
Steve says: Yeah I keep forgetting your brain is slightly more active then
what Paul Newman's is now.
Patrick says: So you will shout it to both your friends for me then?
Patrick says: Once you fix Bridget's IP address you will have 3 friends and
carry more weight.
(MSN) Steve has left the conversation
Patrick says: Steve, You There?
Patrick says: You there?
Patrick says: You there?
(MSN) My God, you ARE Fucking Stupid!
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1 @BeShirtHappy April 14, 2010 at 4:59 PM

lol – classic.


2 @AmyVernon April 14, 2010 at 4:30 PM



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