When a Power Digger Morphs Into a Power Submitter

by CrazyCracker on April 15, 2010

April 12th, 2010: On a day many didn’t notice, but many will remember,
Power User FirstDigg (AKA Jason Urgo) submitted 3 stories to Digg.com.
Now, for your average Power User on Digg, you would think nothing of
it. But with FirstDigg, who joined Digg on November 11, 2007, these
stats were somewhat astronomical. It seems Urgo, creator of
www.socialblade.com and Producer and Co-Host for The Social Blade
Show, has only submitted a total of 213 stories to Digg in his 820
days on the site — all while digging nearly 47,000 stories, showing
himself as a giver to the Digg Community. His 78% pop ratio shows the
community loves him back for submitting quality.

However, the stunt he pulled on April 12 has some likening him to a
Power User who goes by the user name MKLopez. Miguel has submitted
more 15,000 stories with more than 1,500 pops to Digg since July 20,
2005. Some fear FirstDigg has fallen into the path of relentless
submissions. In a recent interview — not for this publication — he was
asked about his submission outburst and whether he planned to keep up
such a torrid pace; his response was “No.”

So rest easy, everyone. This appears to have been a one-time thing.
Urgo is so by the book that he is the only person I know who will stop
at red lights while playing Grand Theft Auto.



It seems Jason Urgo does not care about submitting to Digg as much as
he likes reading and Digging other people’s stories. He would much
rather be cooking on his new grill, watching Lost on his big-ass TV or
making a fresh cup of cappaccino topped with whatever the hell they
put on top of that shit.

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